Meet A Few Noble Hound Training Clients...

"Our baby, Omar, was found on the side of the road in rural Tennessee. He is a kind-hearted pup but was accustomed to living outdoors and brought many of his wild ways with him when he came home with us. We struggled with jumping, destructive attention seeking, and didn't know how to calm down. We tried working with a number of trainers but didn't have much success until we worked with Michaela. Michaela was able to hone in on the root cause of Omar's problem behaviors so we could more effectively (and kindly) redirect him and help him develop coping strategies. Omar is now able to communicate his needs in a non-destructive manner and can 'self-soothe' before he gets too amped up. Before we met Michaela I wasn't sure we'd be able to keep Omar, but now being with him is the best part of our day." ~Omar's humans

"Michaela and Noble Hound Training made my dreams of owning a well-mannered and socially adjusted dog a reality.  I want my dog Piper to be a playful and loving addition to our family and a joy to be around, while fitting into our lifestyle. Michaela took the time to individually evaluate my puppy's needs and personality, incorporating our human hopes and desires to improve our day-to-day life together. Michaela showed me effective ways to train my dog that were positive and practical, and most importantly she taught us how to establish a better bond with our puppy..  Thanks to Michaela, we know the immense joy and better quality of life that comes with having a wonderful pet companion." ~Piper's humans

“We found Michaela when our pup was 8 weeks old and continued to train with her for over a year. Friends and family are always amazed at how well our dog behaves. We would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat without reservations.  Michaela’s training is progressive. She taught us how to understand not only our dogs’ behavior but our own actions as humans and how our dog interpreted these. This foundation has allowed us to feel very comfortable almost 3 years later having our dog around our baby (now toddler!)." ~Spar’s humans

“We have been blessed and cursed with a sweet, very energetic, and extremely smart rescue dog. We were at our wits end with Olli; she was misbehaving and destructive and we didn't know what to do. We found Michaela of Noble Hound Training and immediately were put at ease from the first meeting - she is truly a dog lover. Through six sessions, Michaela worked with Olli to teach her how to finally relax, listen, and learn - and educated us on understanding Olli to continue working with her long after the sessions were over. It's hard, continuous work to keep up the training with Olli, but we practice every day to keep her mind and body active. We are so proud of our dog for learning to be attentive and obedient, and now, her personality really shines through. It has been one of the best investments we've ever made, and we highly recommend Noble Hound Training to all our friends with dogs!”  ~Olli’s humans