Training & Behavior Programs

All Noble Hound Training programs are individualized to meet the needs of our clients and their dogs. After meeting for our initial consultation, we’ll develop a training plan for the program most suited to you.


The Basic Program, 5-Lessons

This program covers the most important skills that your dog requires to be a well-behaved canine companion. For young puppies and puppy parents, this often means focusing on house-training, nipping/chewing, proper puppy socialization and coping with vet or groomer visits. New rescues, on the other hand, might require help with household acclimation, dealing with separation, polite greetings or leash walking. For dogs with serious behavioral challenges, learning more acceptable behaviors or implementing desensitization and stress reduction techniques are often the focus. The learning isn’t just for your dog, and this program emphasizes teaching you to understand and guide your dog, so you’ll be able to continue meeting challenges together successfully. Lessons are 1 hour and meet 1x/week.

The Basic Program, 5-Lessons=$550

The Intensive Program, 10-Lessons

Ready for a deep dive into training? If the fundamentals aren’t enough for you and your dog, then let’s take learning to the next level. Go beyond the basic skills with your new puppy or dog to develop rock-solid recalls, impeccable attention, advanced leash walking or fancy party tricks! Tackle an especially difficult or deeply-entrenched behavior issue for thorough and comprehensive behavior change. Commit to an intensive program that will help make training an enjoyable habit, and reap the good behavior benefits! Lessons are 1 hour and may meet 1 or 2x/week.

The Intensive Program, 10-Lessons=$1050

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Follow-Up Lessons

Everyone needs a little brush-up from time-to-time. For graduates of any Noble Hound Training Program, we offer follow-up lessons to polish skills or learn new ones.

Single Brush-Up Lesson=$115