Behavior Problems

Canine Behavior Problems

Behavior problems are stressful for both people and pets. Our caring, skilled approach will help you and your dog reach a calmer, happier place.  

Training begins with a Behavior Consultation and continues with one of the training programs described below.

Behavior Consultation

If your dog is struggling with anxious, fearful or aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or people, we want to help you and your dog feel safer, calmer and more in control.  Consultations often include:

  • History and assessment

  • Learning to identify stress and reduce unwanted behaviors

  • Building attention and communication

  • Individualized management plan

  • Email summary and practice guides

  • Guidance in choosing training equipment

  • Reports, referrals, communication with Veterinary staff (if needed)

1.5 hours, $185 / $190*

*Locations greater than 8 miles from Center City, Philadelphia

Behavior Modification Program

With an experienced and clear-headed approach, we help you tackle the behaviors that most concern you.  Examples of behavioral issues often covered include:

  • Shyness, fears and phobias

  • Separation distress and anxiety

  • On-leash growling, lunging, barking

  • Aggressive behavior towards strangers or family members

  • Aggressive behavior towards other dogs

  • Hyperactivity and poor attention

  • Problems between kids and dogs

  • Possessive aggression (resource guarding) over food and toys

5 lessons (1-hour lessons), $500 / $525* *Locations greater than 8 miles from Center City, Philadelphia

Behavior Maintenance Lessons

We know that dogs and their owners may need more help now and then after completing the Behavior Modification Program.  So, we offer shorter lessons and programs to help boost or maintain your dog's progress.

Single, 1-hour Lesson, $125 / $130*

3, 1-hour Lessons, $300 / $315*

*Locations greater than 8 miles from Center City, Philadelphia