Dog Training and Manners

Noble Dog Training 

Training strengthens your relationship with your dog and helps prevent behavior problems. Our individualized training programs help dogs (and their owners) get a great education, from absolute beginners to seasoned students.  

Training begins with a Consultation and continues with one of the training programs described below.


The Consultation helps you begin understanding and teaching your dog, so that you can enjoy a healthy, long-lasting friendship.

Subjects covered may include

  • History and assessment

  • Communicating clearly with your dog

  • Creating a responsive canine partner

  • Individualized management plan

  • Acclimation to a new home

  • Useful equipment and toys

  • Email summary and practice handouts

1-hour Consultation, $125 / $130*

*Locations greater than 8 miles beyond Center City, Philadelphia

Basics Program  

The Basics Program covers the  fundamental skills and manners that every dog needs to be a great companion, at any stage of life!

Skills covered may include

  • Socialization & aggression prevention

  • Build attention and get focus

  • Basic cues ("Down", "Wait", "Come")

  • Leash walking skills

  • Polite greetings

  • Safe, controlled play

5 Lessons, $500 / $525*

*Locations greater than 8 miles beyond Center City, Philadelphia

Continuing Education 

For Basics Program graduates, we offer customizable programs to polish, refine and advance your dog's repertoire.  Choose the program length that suits you and help your dog reach new heights!

Examples of behaviors covered include

  • "Leave It", "Drop", "Stays", "Go-To-Bed", Rapid Recall, "Heel" and more

  • Tricks, Agility and Canine Brain Games

  • Distraction training for rock solid behavior

  • Preparation for CGC, therapy dog work, dog sports and more

1 Lesson, $125 / $130*

3 Lessons, $300 / $315*

5 Lessons, $475 / $500*

*Locations greater than 8 miles beyond Center City, Philadelphia