The Day Training Program

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting!


Dog training is unsuccessful if done poorly because dogs learn best under a skilled, experienced teacher. But, most owners are busy people that want a well-behaved dog without having to become a professional dog trainer. That’s why Day Training can help you maximize your dog’s learning without forcing you into a new profession. For this month-long program, your dog gets four “tutoring” lessons each week, learning new skills with our seasoned professional trainer. Then, our trainer meets once each week with owners for a “coaching” lesson to help you understand and continue your dog’s new skills.

All dog training is ongoing, so Day Training doesn’t mean that training is a done deal. But, lessons learned and practiced with a professional mean fewer errors and better outcomes…giving dogs a serious behavioral boost, and giving owners a great advantage .

Day Training includes 16 daytime training lessons and 4 coaching lessons over 4-weeks.